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Each commercial relation established between the seller and the Tallone Sport�s buyer is subject to the general conditions of sale detailed below.


Article 1: Application and controversial of the general conditions of sale


Any person wishing to contact the firm "Tallone Sport" in view of a purchase must have read and accepted these terms and conditions of sale. The buyer in these general conditions of sale adheres  without reserve to all the terms and conditions. The Tallone Sport is named the "seller" in these general conditions of sale.


Article 2: Receipt of order


The receipt of the order is considered confirmed when the buyer has duly completed, dated and signed the order form provided by the company Tallone Sport. This purchase order will include a summary of all the services and items sold, and in the special conditions relating to that sale. The general conditions of sale will be those set forth herein, unless mentions of specific conditions established by the parties. The seller reserves the right to decide the resolution or part of the delivery of the item availability.

The supply is the purchaser's personal and can not be sold by them without the agreement of the seller. The buyer may decide to return some or all the supplies he admitted limits of the law.


Article 3: Delivery


Delivery times even if specified on a quote or an order are always indicative in nature as they are subject to industrial risk. Each delivery required by express will be invoiced to the purchaser for an amount which will vary according to the place of delivery of the goods. The seller is authorized to partial deliveries.


Exceeding any of the terms of delivery can not be the cause of Screen resolutions pending orders, the blocking of payments, the refusal of the withdrawal of the delivery and is not entitled to claims for damages.

Deliveries are considered to fulfill the orders if the buyer does not make a complaint to the courier. The delivery will not be made if the seller has doubts about the financial conditions of the buyer.


Article 4: Delivery - Risk and risk transfer


The goods travel at the risk of the buyer. All claims regarding the state of the goods upon receipt should be sent to the seller in the 24 hours following the delivery of the goods.


Article 5: Returns


The buyer is responsible for any costs of return whatever the reason.


Article 6: Circumstances disclaimers


The seller is released from his obligation to the occurrence of any industrial problem or other unforeseen incident that touches directly or indirectly the management company Tallone Sport.


Article 7: Sales prices


The prices listed on the web site and in all the other publications of the company Tallone Sport are given as an indication. Suns prices compiled on the order are recognized as valid. This article of the general conditions of sale is completed by Article 16 "information listed on the web site."



Article 8: Payment


The amount due is payable to the location of the seller both by check or bank transfer, or by mark  at the delivery, or by credit card. 

Regarding  the possibility of deferred payment, these can be negotiated at the time of the order between the parties. Payments must thus meet deadlines related order. In the case of non-compliance with this schedule, the seller reserves the right to implement all  law provisions allowed by the law of the country where the buyer is located.


It requires a deposit when ordering that must be paid by check at the time of order confirmation. The buyer must be added to the order signed and dated a check of 20% of the total; the remainder must be paid on the day of delivery, or dates written on the order. If no date is written the limit is set at 15 days after delivery.


Article 9: Needs warranty


Depending on the amount of the order and for an entirely different reason deemed appropriate by the seller, the guarantees of payment will be required by the seller, and this even before the signing of the order.


Article 10: Retention of title


It is expressly understood that the seller retains ownership of the goods by physical delivery until full payment of its price. The buyer suffers for another transfer of responsibility for the goods as a signed acknowledgment of receipt.


Article 11: Participation of management expenses


There are no management fees charged to the buyer.


Article 12: Territoriality


The sales contracts are reputed to be concluded in Italy and as such subdued to the law of the Italian law.


Article 13: Dispute


By express agreement, all disputes will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the jurisdiction of the registered office of the seller.


Article 14: Goods delivered


If the goods ordered are no longer available, the buyer can receive the goods equivalent without having changed the selling price.


Article 15: Guarantee "Satisfied or refunded"


If an item does not completely satisfied, you have 10 days to change it or ask for a refund. This warranty does not apply to personalized items.


Article 16: Information listed on website


 All information listed on the web site, prices, photos, descriptions, text, images, etc .. are given ONLY for information and does not take in any way a contractual nature, to the exclusion of the pages containing the terms and conditions of sale. Only the information you recorded on the order are contractual. (On the other hand the information subscribed make the object of copyright and any other use than the consultation of the pages of the web site of Tallone Sport is authorized.) All rights of reproduction are prohibited. Prices are quoted in EUR excluding VAT, so that these values are recognized under the symbol (�) near the corresponding amount of money. Prices quoted do not take into account the cost of customization. If you live within the EEC and do not have a VAT number You pay 22% tax on the amount of the order. If you reside in any other country outside the ECC or have suffered a number of VAT, you will not have to pay the VAT Italian and then you will pay only the taxable goods.


Article 17: Shipping


The shipment will be borne by the buyer unless otherwise agreed between the parties. The amount of the shipping costs may vary depending on the destination, weight and volume of the goods. Will be communicated to the buyer on the budget that will be sent by  Tallone Sport.



Article 18: Samples


The shipment of samples (tissue or models) is conditioned by the buyer from dispatch and receipt by the heel Sport of a check as a deposit the amount assessed by our company.

The cost for sending samples is borne by the Tallone Sport, return charges are the buyer's responsibility. In case of no return of the goods, the Tallone Sport will teach it to cash sent by the buyer as a deposit.



Article 19: Computer processing of data by name


 The company Tallone Sport reserves the right to establish and administer one or more databases containing the names and any other information relating to potential buyers. If people or clubs entered into the databases will not want to envision, they can simply send us a question by email. This data will not be passed to third parties without prior consent.